Valerie Worrell

Valerie Worrell has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for the past 21 years.  She is an ACE Certified Fitness Consultant and has successfully completed all required Total Fitness and Personal Training Programs, which also include, weight management, cardiovascular and muscular fitness, assisted stretching, flexibility, and sound nutrition.  Val has been a professional NATURAL bodybuilder since 1998.("Natural", in the bodybuilding industry means excluding all enhancements such as steroids, diuretics, etc., and building the body from all natural foods). She competes frequently and has won many titles, including the WNBF Pro Natural Miss Universe title in 2012.  Her in-depth knowledge of the anatomy, exercise theory and nutrition are the foundation of her clients' successful results.



To schedule your complimentary fitness assessment/consultation, please contact Val at 971-212-5344