Hello Everyone,
Due to the 100 degree temperature expected on Sunday, we will commence our Kickball game at 10:30am instead of 1pm, which will be followed by a lunch/BBQ at Captain Deb's residence which is just 2 minutes from Mitchell's field. Please feel free to drop off any pot luck dishes at Deb's residence before 10:30 if they need to be refrigerated or kept warm. You don't necessarily have to bring anything. I just want everyone to come out and have a fun time. Friends and family members are invited and are also welcome to play. I am excited about Sunday. 
FOOD: For those who would like to bring a dish or snacks, here is what we already have:
Chicken franks and hot dogs
Vegetarian Burgers and dogs
Mediterranean Salad
Fresh Watermelons
Arugula Beet Salad
Sweet potato salad
Cups, plates, knives, and forks
Bottle water, also for players and spectators
Guys, feel free to bring beer if you'd like
Please RSVP by Friday.
Let's play 'Grit Squad' and 'Grass Kickers' !!!!!!!
Deb's address: 9367 SW Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon 97225





Here are a couple videos from the Kickball event!