Dear Friends and Clients,

Val's Fitness Club is one of the teams chosen in the lottery for those coveted spaces, to participated in the biggest relay in the world, Hood-To-Coast. VFC also has a walking relay team, Portland-To-Coast! There is a lot of planning to be done, which makes it necessary to establish our teams this month. I am asking for serious commitments ONLY, if you would like to be a part of this event. I think this will be a great personal fitness goal for our runners and walkers. Please note that you will have to be a part of the training team and/or complete a specified amount of walking or running miles before the event, which is necessary if we are to have a fun and injury free event.  These relays will be completed in two days, after which VFC will arrange for the teams to spend an additional day or 2 on the coast. I am looking for 40 participants/volunteers:
Date of actual relays: August 26th and 27th, 2016

Running relay team: 12 plus 2 subs (including team captain) : total miles = 198 
Walking relay team: 12 plus 2 subs (including team captain):  total miles = 129 

Total Van Drivers: 4

Total misc volunteers: 8

Please note that we are not seeking the fastest participants, but rather, efficient, reliable, and committed fit individuals.


Happy Nutrition,

Dear Fitness Friends and Clients:
Please note that Carol Dobbs ( assigned WALKING team captain) will be in direct contact with VFC HTC walking team. 
The following is a list of our HTC RUNNING  Relay team:
Valerie Worrell ( captain)
Priscilla Vazquez
Joan Burns
Michele Best 
Dave Best
Adriana Rodriguez
Denise Cline
Dave Hiller
Andres Herrejon
Shelly Oliviere
I will be contacting the running team to set up practice runs, to come up with an appropriate name for VFC running team, and for all other related information for the running team.
The following is a list of VFC HTC volunteers:
Jen Conner ( Route / Shift Leader )
Mina Gaspeed (route volunteer)
Amelia Simpson (route volunteer)
Kathleen Clark ( route volunteer)
Linsdey McGill (driver)
Carol's Husband (possible driver)
Janet's Husband ( possible driver)
Andres ( driver )
Val (driver)
Marilen McGill (beach volunteer)
Melinda Moore (beach volunteer)
Jen Conner will be contacting the route volunteers to discuss available / open route placements and  for all other related information for HTC volunteers.  
Please email with any questions.
UPDATE 06-21-2016
My Dear Fitness Friends and Clients,
As a part of our Hood To Coast relay preparation, VFC will be hosting practice training every Saturday morning, running from our club along the bike/run trail toward the Sylvan exit, and optionally to Forest Park. Runners have the option to run the distance with which they are comfortable. For our Hood To Coast Runners,  I am recommending running no less than 4 miles on this trail, and you have the option to run up to 8 miles ( from our club to the zoo, and back). Dave Hiller has volunteered to lead the longer distance runners on Saturday;... I will work with the shorter distance runners who are determined to increase their minutes-per-mile. 
We will meet at Val's Fitness Club on Saturdays at 7.30am for our practice run, and can be back at the club on time for (those who would like to take) our 9.15am stretch/flax class with Tia Fields. I encourage all HTC participants to make an effort to commit to this run, and if you have the time after, to take the stretch/flex class.

You may contact me at 971-212-5344 with any questions.
Happy Nutrition