VFC Barbados Excursion 2017!
Dear Fitness Friends and Clients,
I am happy to announce our first travel excursion for 2017: BARBADOS; and this is not to accompany me to one of my bodybuilding shows :)
For those of you who have been long awaiting this trip, you may set your travel dates anytime between May 19th and May 29th. Please communicate with me before the end of February to let me know the days that you intend to stay in Barbados. I will need a head count (along with the number of days you intend to stay) so that I can start working on acquiring economical accommodations for everyone.
As I will (obviously :) ) be your tour guide, it will be packed with fun activities and each of you may choose which ones ( if any )  you'd like to be a part of.  You may click on the following link to get any kind of information on Barbados: barbados.org/travel_about.htm 
 Feel free to inform me of any activity(ies) or place(s) you'd like me to add to the tour list.
Here is also a fun link on the history of Barbados: barbados.org/diduknow.htm
You may respond with any questions concerning the trip. My second email will be addressed only to those who express an interest in going. 
Happy Nutrition