VFC June 2019 Activity!

: VFC Fitness venture this month is your choice of a run, walk, or bike ride. 
Bike trail: Banks/Vernonia Bike Trail.
Meeting Place: We will meet at Val's Fitness Club no later than 8.55am on Saturday, June 15th, 2019. 
Event location:  The ride / run /walk will begin at the Manning Trailhead ( just off HWY 26 ). Everyone may ride / run / or walk the lengths that they desire ( from 1 mile to 42 miles). Don't worry: I have chosen an easy to moderate trail depending on the lengths you choose. It is definitely one of the prettiest scenic trails in Oregon.
uitable sneakers
Picnic: After our ride / run / walk,  we will relax at the  Manning Trailhead for a while before heading back; so you may bring your picnic basket. Lindsey and Marilen will reserve a couple picnic benches at the trailhead for VFC. 
Please feel free to contact me with all other questions.

Happy Nutrition