My Dear Fitness Buddies,

Here is our first fitness venture together for 2016! For those who would like to be a part of Val's Fitness Team for the Shamrock Run, please register using Val's Fitness Team registration # 8945 in order to receive an additional $4 off your registration. Adult registration fees increase after January 15, 2016.

This will be the first time for some of you but don't worry: many of our team members will be using the interval technique we use at the club ( run/walk technique). I will assist in prepping you for the Shamrock run. As long as you can walk you can do this, and it will be lots of fun.

In addition to receiving a discount on registration when signing up as part of Val's Fitness team, each person (who has not yet received one) will receive a special Val's Fitness T-shirt.

Please do not wait until the team registration deadline (January 31st) to sign up,  as the Shamrock Run closes its registration as soon as it has reached its maximum participants.
So register now by clicking on and use #8945 when prompted for your team's number.

Most of your questions will be addressed on the Shamrock Run website. Please feel free to contact me with all other questions.

Happy Nutrition


Dear Friends and Clients,

Val's Fitness Club is one of the teams chosen in the lottery for those coveted spaces, to participated in the biggest relay in the world, Hood-To-Coast. VFC also has a walking relay team, Portland-To-Coast! There is a lot of planning to be done, which makes it necessary to establish our teams this month. I am asking for serious commitments ONLY, if you would like to be a part of this event. I think this will be a great personal fitness goal for our runners and walkers. Please note that you will have to be a part of the training team and/or complete a specified amount of walking or running miles before the event, which is necessary if we are to have a fun and injury free event.  These relays will be completed in two days, after which VFC will arrange for the teams to spend an additional day or 2 on the coast. I am looking for 40 participants/volunteers:
Date of actual relays: August 26th and 27th, 2016

Running relay team: 12 plus 2 subs (including team captain) : total miles = 198 
Walking relay team: 12 plus 2 subs (including team captain):  total miles = 129 

Total Van Drivers: 4

Total misc volunteers: 8

Please note that we are not seeking the fastest participants, but rather, efficient, reliable, and committed fit individuals.


Happy Nutrition,

Dear Fitness Friends and Clients:
Please note that Carol Dobbs ( assigned WALKING team captain) will be in direct contact with VFC HTC walking team. 
The following is a list of our HTC RUNNING  Relay team:
Valerie Worrell ( captain)
Priscilla Vazquez
Joan Burns
Michele Best 
Dave Best
Adriana Rodriguez
Denise Cline
Dave Hiller
Andres Herrejon
Shelly Oliviere
I will be contacting the running team to set up practice runs, to come up with an appropriate name for VFC running team, and for all other related information for the running team.
The following is a list of VFC HTC volunteers:
Jen Conner ( Route / Shift Leader )
Mina Gaspeed (route volunteer)
Amelia Simpson (route volunteer)
Kathleen Clark ( route volunteer)
Linsdey McGill (driver)
Carol's Husband (possible driver)
Janet's Husband ( possible driver)
Andres ( driver )
Val (driver)
Marilen McGill (beach volunteer)
Melinda Moore (beach volunteer)
Jen Conner will be contacting the route volunteers to discuss available / open route placements and  for all other related information for HTC volunteers.  
Please email with any questions.
UPDATE 06-21-2016
My Dear Fitness Friends and Clients,
As a part of our Hood To Coast relay preparation, VFC will be hosting practice training every Saturday morning, running from our club along the bike/run trail toward the Sylvan exit, and optionally to Forest Park. Runners have the option to run the distance with which they are comfortable. For our Hood To Coast Runners,  I am recommending running no less than 4 miles on this trail, and you have the option to run up to 8 miles ( from our club to the zoo, and back). Dave Hiller has volunteered to lead the longer distance runners on Saturday;... I will work with the shorter distance runners who are determined to increase their minutes-per-mile. 
We will meet at Val's Fitness Club on Saturdays at 7.30am for our practice run, and can be back at the club on time for (those who would like to take) our 9.15am stretch/flax class with Tia Fields. I encourage all HTC participants to make an effort to commit to this run, and if you have the time after, to take the stretch/flex class.

You may contact me at 971-212-5344 with any questions.
Happy Nutrition
My Dear Friends / Clients
Thank you for your friendship and your patronage to Val’s Fitness Club in 2015! Once again, in your honor, I will be hosting our 'CANNOT BE MISSED' holiday party, and look forward to seeing you (and your companions) there:
TIME:  6pm on Saturday December 12th, 2015

510 NE 28th Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97232 (between Sandy and Glisan)

STYLE:   Buffet ( catered and serviced by OPAL 28 )
FOOD:   Catered with you in mind: Gourmet Appetizers. Dinner choices include Chicken and fish, vegetarian, gluten-free delights, and a Holiday Dessert Bar;…… something for everyone.
DRINK: Non-alcoholic beverages, red and white wine.
Your first glass of red or white wine will be compliments of Val’s Fitness.
There will be OPAL'S cash bar service for those who would like to indulge in their favorite alcoholic beverage. ( OPAL 28 is also known for its awesome cocktails ;)
Music and Dance:    One of the best DJs in town, DJ Doc Titus will be spinning all of your favorite songs!  Why your songs? Because it will all be the music that each of you will choose. So please send me the names and artist(s) of some of your favorite songs that you would absolutely enjoy 'dancing' to. YES! This is the moment that you can "dance like no one is watching". It will be fun, again, just like last year!!
There will also be a slideshow throughout the evening featuring photos of you participating in VFC 2015 monthly activity events. Also, please forward photos of yourself that you would like to share. I welcome fun / funny photos too.
We will be celebrating health, longevity, and happiness!
A ‘head count’ is needed ASAP,  so please RSVP no later than Friday, October 30, 2015



Let's Get This Party Started

What is Love?

Latin session - Gloria Estefan

Latin session - Ricky Martin

Limbo Time!

Line Dance

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

Super Freak

Push It

Everybody Have a Good Time

Val and Laura's Impromptu Dance

Laura's Performance


Pictures from the Holiday Party are HERE!



Happy Nutrition
(971) 212-5344




Hello my Dear Clients /  Friends!
Here is a great opportunity for you, your family, and/or friends to join us in celebrating health, and the end of a beautiful summer of activities, with dinner and dancing at Pasha Restaurant ( Lake Oswego ). Pasha is known for its delicious Mediterranean food/drinks. On Friday nights, Pasha opens its dance floor, featuring music by DJ Doc Titus, and Pee Wee, who have both agreed to open the dance floor  (a bit earlier) at 8pm for VFC members/family/friends, and will present some awesome music from the 80s, 90s, as well as songs of your choice that you would like to dance to. 
Val's Fitness will be responsible for the cover charge for all VFC clients and friends. You will be responsible for your individual food/drink orders. Please plan to be at Pasha Restaurant by 8pm for dinner, on September 25, 2015. It is imperative to RSVP  me by noon next Tuesday ( 9/15/15) so that we can make reservations for our group. For those who want to dance to their favorite music, please submit your songs of choice with your RSVP email. 
 Dancing is an excellent stress buster and calorie burner. So......, SEE YOU ON THE DANCE FLOOR !!!!
 PLACE: Pasha Restaurant ( Mediterranean )
11830 Kerr Parkway ( opposite PCC - Sylvania Campus )
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

DATE: September 25, 2015

TIME: 8pm

Videos from the event!
You may contact me with any questions.
Happy Nutrition
Val's Fitness Club


Hello my Dear Clients / Friends!
Here is a great opportunity for you, your family, and/or friends to join us for our only group water sport for the summer: kayaking, on August 22, 2015. It is imperative to RSVP by noon this Friday so that we can secure enough kayaks for our group. Please let me know if this is the first time you will be kayaking so that we will arrange to have you 'tandem' with one of us who usually kayaks. 
We launch near Willamette Park, and will kayak on the Willamette, which is very tranquil. We will be on the water for approximately 3 hours, especially if we choose to stop at one of the tiny center islands to have a snack before heading back.
Single Kayak rental : $12/hr (includes life jackets, kayak skirts, and paddles)
Tandem Kayak rental: $22/hr (includes life jackets, kayak skirts, and paddles)
I will send detailed information next week after receiving your RSVPs.
Take a break and join us for a fun day on the water.





My Dear Friends and Clients,
Attached is the map of the Banks and Vernona Bike trail, one of Oregon's most beautiful bike trails. 
We will leave Val's  Fitness at 9.30am on Saturday. From the club we will head west on HWY 26 and continue on HWY 26 ( for about 20 minutes) until we see the 'Manning' turn off which is just after mile post 48 on HWY 26. Lindsey and Marilen will be at the parking/picnic site, Manning Trailhead; so you may give him a call ( see cell # below) if you have any questions. All Bike lengths begin at the Manning Trailhead.
We will begin our bike ride at mile #3 (Manning Trailhead) on the bike map ( See attached)
The (approx) 8 to 14 mile bikers ( easy ride ) will ride from mile 3 on the map ( Manning trailhead) to mile 7 ( Buxton Trailhead) and back. On your way back you may continue on the trail to 'Banks' and then back to Mannings if you want to make your ride 14 miles.
The (approx) 14 to 20 mile bikers ( easy/moderate ride ) will ride from mile 3 on the map ( Manning trailhead) to mile 10 ( Stub Stewart State Park) and back. On your way back you may continue on the trail to 'Banks' and then back to Mannings if you want to make your ride 20 miles.
The (approx) 36 to 42 mile bikers ( moderate to challenging ride ) will ride from mile 3 on the map ( Manning trailhead) to mile 21 ( Vernonia Trailhead) and back. On your way back you may continue on the trail to 'Banks' and then back to Mannings if you want to make your ride 42 miles. Please note on the map that there are 11% grade hills and switch backs at mile 13 by Tophill Trailhead.

Please bring your lunch, snacks, etc to relax and chill after our ride at Manning Trailhead. VFC will provide water.

Please note that helmets must be worn. Lets be safe...... Let's ride! See you on Saturday!!
My Dear Clients / Friends! 

     OK bikers! We are ready to ride! You, your family and friends are invited to join us on our Banks/Vernonia  ride. This will be a fun and easy ride for all, because you may choose the length with which you are most comfortable. The 4 lengths are, 10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles and 42 miles. Banks/Vernonia is a very beautifully shaded tree-lined (paved) bike trail. There is no motor traffic. 
After the ride, we will relax at the parking/picnic area, where the ride will both start and end. Lindsey and Marilen will reserve picnic tables and will be happy to  hold your lunch baskets, etc. Linsdey will also be the point person to contact during the ride, if necessary ( cell 503-522-8450). Bottle water will be provided for all.
Please RSVP if you are interested and i will email more details next week regarding parking, carpooling, maps... etc.
Carpool / Meeting place: Val's Fitness Club, 1406 SW Marlow Ave, Portland, OR 97225
BICYCLE TRAIL: Banks/Vernonia, Banks Oregon  ( 27 minutes from Portland )
TIME: Saturday July 18th, 2015, leaving Val's Fitness Club at 9.30am
Parking/Picnic/Start/Finish Area on the trail:  Map and directions will be sent next week.
Take a break and join us for a fun day. This is an open invitation, so feel free  to bring your family/friends.

You may contact me with any questions.
(PS. WANTED: Two of my clients (heights 5'9" and 5'5") are looking for reasonably priced road bikes for this ride. Anyone?)

Happy Nutrition

Val's Fitness Club



Hello Everyone,
Due to the 100 degree temperature expected on Sunday, we will commence our Kickball game at 10:30am instead of 1pm, which will be followed by a lunch/BBQ at Captain Deb's residence which is just 2 minutes from Mitchell's field. Please feel free to drop off any pot luck dishes at Deb's residence before 10:30 if they need to be refrigerated or kept warm. You don't necessarily have to bring anything. I just want everyone to come out and have a fun time. Friends and family members are invited and are also welcome to play. I am excited about Sunday. 
FOOD: For those who would like to bring a dish or snacks, here is what we already have:
Chicken franks and hot dogs
Vegetarian Burgers and dogs
Mediterranean Salad
Fresh Watermelons
Arugula Beet Salad
Sweet potato salad
Cups, plates, knives, and forks
Bottle water, also for players and spectators
Guys, feel free to bring beer if you'd like
Please RSVP by Friday.
Let's play 'Grit Squad' and 'Grass Kickers' !!!!!!!
Deb's address: 9367 SW Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon 97225





Here are a couple videos from the Kickball event!

My Dear Friends and Clients,

I am very excited about competing at the European World Bodybuilding Championships again, this time in Barcelona, Spain. I am even more excited because, for the second time, my brother and sister will be competing in the same show. 
I am honored and blessed to have VFC's support group, that usually accompanies me when/wherever I compete. Some more of you have decided or have expressed an interest in joining the team on this trip. I was told that Barcelona is one of the top places to visit, and is just a beautiful city. There is so much to see, and train trips that can be arranged to see surrounding places of interest as well.  Please contact me or VFC's travel coordinators Lindsey or Marilen Mcgill ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Tel 503- 248-0248), if you are considering being a part of this fun trip.
I will be in Spain from November 10th until November 25th. The World Championship will be held on Saturday 14th. You may choose your length of stay; just be sure to be there on the 14th of November for the show :). After we confirm how many of you will be taking this trip, Lindsey will facilitate plans by sending you further information concerning travel costs, including accommodation details. We always have fun experiences on these trips, with this one even more special because 8 of my family members from all over the world will be there to share it with me.

Please respond before May 22th so that we will sufficient have time  to prep and finalize travel/accommodation plans. 

Happy Nutrition,