"For over 5 years I’ve used my personalized 'Val's Fitness Club' exercise routine and nutrition advice as the 'road map' to my healthy lifestyle. Val has put together a comprehensive set of exercises that I can do even when I don’t have access to the gym; I never leave home without it. I live on the east coast and do a bit of traveling, yet, I always feel like I have the convenience of a trainer literally at my finger tips -with the extension of services via online access and across time zones. 'Val makes you feel like you’re her only client.' Those sentiments were echoed among a group of us at one her many organized annual sporting events. Professionalism, attentiveness, training with precision and more importantly, expertise that’s worth a million with results that can last you a lifetime. That’s Val’s Fitness Club. Thank you, Val!!"  --Michelle


"Val's positivity and supportive nature ensure that you cannot fail." --Christy



"Val is a true industry professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience." --Zynn



"I have been lifting weights for more than thirty years. I've had the pleasure of working with Val for the last seven. Now I spend half the time I used to in the gym and get twice the results. Both aerobically and strength-wise, I'm doing things I never thought I could. It's fun and inspiring to work with someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk" --Denise



"Val's positive reinforcement and personalized workouts result in better mental and physical health." --Janet



"Always an unexpected and a fun challenge for your mind and body." --Umika



"We have been clients of Val since August 2005. Besides being an excellent trainer and nutritionist, we have become good friends and a part of her "groupies" for traveling all over the world. Val makes workouts fun, entertaining, and mixes up the routines so we never get bored. If you have an injury, she is great at working around those injuries -- has even saved us a few chiropractic appointments." --Lindsey and Marilen McGill



"Val specializes in fitness and good nutrition, whether you are an elite athlete, someone with limited physical abilities, or somewhere in between. Val has the amazing ability to meet you at your level and guide you toward your fitness goals. Having trained with Val the past eleven years, I can not imagine my journey to better health without her!" --Jane



"I have been training with Val for five years now. I am faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap leap tall buildings in a single bound." --Jed



"Val holds the unique ability to understand an individual's fitness goals and trains her clients by balancing mind and body fitness, ultimately providing her clients the opportunity to reach their health goals" --Carrie



"I have been training with Val over 12 years. I have been in the best shape of my life and accomplished challenges that I never dreamed I could attempt. Now, because of her, I am confident that I will work my way back from my worse ever (recent) injury. Ps. Never trust her when she says lie on your back and *relax*." --Joan



"No matter what your fitness level, Val customizes your workouts and helps you with nutrition. Her fitness center is awesome and private; no reason to be self conscious." --Kelly



"Val trains each client as a unique individual - crafting a program of exercise, stretching, and nutrition for each body’s best results." --Kitty



"I am fortunate to have found a professional trainer like Val. I have always wanted to feel this good but never quite got there. From exercising properly to good nutrition, she helps me be my best. Thanks Val!" --Jon



"Finding Val's Fitness (and Val!) is the best thing that helped our family get on a consistent path to health and fitness. Thank you Val!" --Our Family - from the septuagenarian grandparent to the eight year old - the Krishnas



"I tend to be an organized person. However, I didn't realize how disorganized my exercise regimen was until I met Val 14 years ago. Val has helped me develop my balance, core strength and endurance in a way I didn't think was possible. Now it's like a drug! I am hooked and I can't make it through the week without a big dose of Val and her method. Onward with gusto!" --Steve U



"Val is the absolute best. She makes me feel so good about myself, both physically and mentally." --Anita



"An hour with Val is therapeutic, relaxing and exhausting all at once." --Scott