A Val's Fitness Success Story


My Story

I was born an adventure buff with a love for climbing, hiking, running and general cavorting out of doors. Unfortunately, I was also born with hyper-extensive joints that are easily injured. By the time I was 26, I had damaged my ankles so severely they needed to be reconstructed using tendons taken from my leg. The recovery was long and painful and my doctors told me I’d never run again. But I was determined to do just that and more.

By the time I became a Val’s Fitness client, I had been lifting weights for twenty five years. I had managed to keep active but had been plagued with frequent injuries.

I am a busy high-tech executive and can’t spend a lot of time in the gym. And even if I could, I’d rather be outside. I needed somebody who could work with an injury and get results quickly.









My Results

Val targeted my biggest liability, my ankles, with lots of exercises requiring balance and flexion. We strengthened the muscles around all my joints with resistance training. Now my injury rate is close to nil. I’m also more toned and have better posture—a real plus in any business situation. Perhaps most surprisingly, I am spending less time strength training but getting twice the results I used to. That means more time to get outside and do what I love. Including running---that’s me in the hat at the finish line of the Shamrock Run 5K.
Never say never.