A Val's Fitness Success Story



Age's Story

I am so proud of Age, and happy to share her success story. Age has not only lost 80 pounds, but has kept those pounds off by continuing with her nutrition and exercise program, which are now a big part of her lifestyle. She has been successful, not by dieting or trying some exercise fad (which is not a good or healthy way to lose weight), but by following an exercise program designed to assist her in reaching her fitness goals, and by replacing her food choices with healthier ones, while watching her portion sizes.










She never ate breakfast; now she does.

She has cut out soda, and drinks water either before or after every meal.

She has cut out her fried foods and eats more lean meats like chicken.

While she still likes burgers, instead of purchasing fast food burgers, she purchases 80% lean beef and makes her own.

White rice has been replaced with Brown Rice.
White flour has been replaced with whole grains.
She eats more often but in smaller portions.

She still goes out to dinner occasionally, but indulges sensibly.

She exercises at least 3 times weekly using an assigned workout program designed for her ( as well as some other fun exercises she likes to add).

Age started her journey toward greater health in 2011. Last week, I snapped this 'after'  photo of her working out and weighing in at 175 pounds. She has lost an average of 20 pounds per year  over the last four years, and continues to look beautiful and amazing.


Age, I am so very proud of you!